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Alayne Rowan

Alayne has been in the fitness industry working as a group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer for the past 12 years. She moved out to Portland to work at Nike Inc, as a Fitness Contractor, and was working there when she decided to open Portland Team Fitness. 

Portland Team Fitness is truly her dream come true. Alayne loves to bring people together and to inspire them to be their best in health and wellness, but also outside of the gym. As a competitive gymnast and diver Alayne has been active most of her life. She now loves trail running, hiking, backpacking, bouldering, mountain biking and ultimate frisbee. She loves to bring a creative and athletic experience to her classes.


Alayne is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also has certifications with the following continued education establishments: Egoscue Level 1 Posture and Pain, Gary Gray Applied Functional Science, Tina Vindum's Outdoor Action Fitness, TRX Fitness Anywhere, Les Mills RPM and Body Flow, Cross Fit level 1, Paul Chek Scientific Core and is a CHEK Level 1 nutrition and lifestyle coach. Recently she completed her 200 hr. yoga teaching certification by finished both level and level 2 teacher training programs with the Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. 


No matter what your goals, ability or current physical state, Alayne will listen, care and create a program that is real, attainable and perfectly suited for you blending all that she has learned. She brings this individualized approach into the group setting at Portland Team Fitness as well. Having experienced a variety of injuries and had countless doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists help her through those times, she like to emphasize to clients that it takes a variety of approaches to achieve overall peak wellness, AND that that definition is different for everyone. Alayne will help you define that and get you beyond what you ever thought was possible in your life; inside and outside of Portland Team Fitness.

John Lindala, MS, CSCS

John is a bio-mechanic specialist. He holds a Master of Sciences in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention and has dedicated his career to further understanding how the body is designed to work then applying it to everyday exercise. He is a former Division II track and field athlete still holding his college’s record in the hammer throw. In addition to challenging himself routinely he will push you to achieve beyond your preconceived limitations.

John works with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people eager to live a pain free life during daily movements. John's attention to detail and dedication to helping his clients feel their best and also perform their best is unmatched.

Further Certifications: ADAPT Certified, Performance Enhancement Specialist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Pre/Post Natal Integrated Flexibility Technologist

Christina Riccetti

Christina Riccetti holds her Personal Training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been a personal trainer with Portland Team Fitness for the past 5 years. Christina brings years of fitness experience to the plate as her mom owned and operated a gym when she was growing up! Perhaps Personal Training was her calling all along. Before personal training Christina studio brazilia jui jitsu for seven years, BUT it was a shoulder injury that lead her to Alayne and to learn more about the human body and how it works from the inside out. Christina and her classes are full of life and creativity. She is a constant reminder to have fun and go after your dreams. She will challenge your strength in new ways, and have you doing fun things you never thought possible. Christina has been learning aerial yoga, silk climbing and also completed a 12 week kettlebell intensive. She loves being outdoors and is often planning a fun adventure for friends and family and will encourage you to try new things as well. Much like the rest of the PTF team, she will use her knowledge of the body and her creativity from activities to design a program that will get you to your goals and beyond! Her smile is warm and genuine, and her spirit for life contagious.

MacKenzie Patrick

MacKenzie has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. She has a BS in Human Development and is Johnny G Certified in SPINNING. She started out at Club Sport of Oregon and at the YMCA in Beaverton teaching cycle and weight training classes. She is currently teaching cycle, weight training, boot camp, and baby and me classes at Nike and Sunset Athletic Club. MacKenzie also has a passion for the nutrition industry. She currently does nutritional consulting, which includes menu planning, goal setting, and weight management. She has a drive to push her clients to get outside of their comfort zone. She will challenge you to push your limits by setting the bar high so you can meet your fitness and nutritional goals! MacKenzie also mom to two fantastic children and is a true wonder woman juggling her training business, her family, and the ability to train for her own individual fitness goals. MacKenzie is often training for a half marathon, practicing yoga or kicking her own butt! MacKenzie is a fantastic example of everything she asks from her clients.

Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones has been in the Fitness Industry, managing, instructing, coaching and personal training for the past 24 years. She has worked at Gold's Gym, Club Sport, Nike Inc. and now brings her wisdom, experience and creativity to Portland Team Fitness. Kelly was a national presenter for Body Training Systems, with their Group Kick and Group Power programs, and has traveled the world training instructors how to be better instructors! Kelly is FANTASTIC, and will be honest and real with her advice and her approach to your fitness plans and goals. Kelly currently works for Nike as an executive assistant providing her input and valuable industry experience to designers, marketing teams, and apparel teams. Kelly has recently launched MOBILE FITNESS UNIT, an outdoor fitness business bringing fitness to groups of people in the form of a sweet fitness TRUCK! Kelly also co-leads Fit Trip Vacations. From firsthand experience Kelly believes that consistency with workouts AND nutrition will get you the results you want. If you are serious about change, trust Kelly’s wisdom and experience. Apply her suggestions about workouts and nutrition and see the transformation in your body that you want to see!

Shannon Kramer

Shannon Kramer joins Portland Team Fitness having moved to Portland a bit over a year ago from LA. In LA Shannon was the owner of New Leaf Fitness LA. She created New Leaf Fitness because she wants to help people "turn over a new leaf" in their lives, and she feels that she has been privileged enough to do just that for many, many people. Shannon has been in the fitness industry for 12 years, certified with ACE that entire time. She has studied everything from Nutrition to Sports Conditioning and Stretching. Shannon is a constant student of health and wellness and will be for as long as she lives. She started her fitness career in NYC as an innovative group fitness instructor leading her specialty "Sweat, Strength, and Skill!" class. She taught everything from kickboxing to bag classes, sculpt classes to stretch. Shannon will inspire you to learn balance and teach you how to read your body. Shannon will dig down to the root of the problem and guide your body to health and wellness. With Shannon you are going to train and you are going to work hard, but you are certainly not going to find yourself "dreading the pain" of training or despising the foods you need to be eating. Shannon blends her nutritional knowledge, passion for learning, and creative workout design to help each of her clients see the results they want to see. She wants her clients to always feel young, energized, and healthy, by eating right and training in a harmonious way that works WITH your body and not against it.

Christina Buzby

Christina has been a trainer for 8 years and has a bachelors in Kinesiology. She is a triathlete and long-distance runner by nature but has also competed in Bikini and Figure competitions.

She was honored in 2009 to be chosen as one of “The Best Trainers to Pump You Up” by the Austin Chronicle and as "Top Ten Trainers in Austin" by AustinFit Magazine in 2010. In the Austin Chronicle, they described her as “[the trainer] who only looks kind but will work your tush to the tailbone.” That is the truth. Don’t be fooled by her sweet face - she has a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate. She prides herself on giving tough yet safe workouts. Proper form is the number one concern with all clients. Christina loves showing people how hard they can train and not hurt themselves, and she loves making an impact in people's lives by helping them realize they are capable of reaching any goal they desire.

Christina believes when someone hires a personal trainer they want someone who is knowledgeable and will hold them accountable to their goals. She takes this part of her job seriously. The hours she sees her clients for their workouts together are the easiest hours of the week for the client. It’s the other 23 hours in a day that are the challenge. The other 23 hours of the day are what separate the good trainers from the great ones. Christina strives to be great, and expects the same greatness from her clients.

Christina Buzby

Patricia Sylvester

Triche Sylvester aka MissTy has been teaching dance and fitness for 24 years. This former basketball player transitioned to dance training when her aspirations for playing professional basketball took a back seat to other interests.
The first fitness class she taught was due to member support at Golds gym. Without any knowledge the members signed a petition for her to teach a weekly hip hop class and from there it was a blossoming career that spanned 24 years.
MissTy has taught dance for gyms, studios, competitive dance teams and artist development. In 2002 MissTy started teaching dance and physical education on the collegiate level. MissTy served as an adjunct professor for 10 years at Portland State University.
Currently MissTy runs her own production company N.O.L.A Entertainment LLC. As the artistic director MissTy directs shows and creates entertainment events. She also runs her secondary company called Live 2 Groove Productions which promotes dance and fitness to all ages and fitness levels.
Her greatest fitness accomplishment includes being a body building competitor and winning two titles at 40; Miss Oregon Novice Heavy Weight Champion 2008, Miss Washington Open Heavy Weight Champion 2008. She also took 3rd place at the 2008 NW Body Building Championships.
Known for her motivational and inspiring fitness applications; MissTy has transformed many fitness enthusiast for the better. "It is all about life style change not trial and error " MissTy has an intrinsic approach to fitness. She believes everyone has an inner dancer and athlete.

Meghan Phair

A health and fitness enthusiast, Meghan has joined the Portland Team Fitness family as our Awesome Assistant. She’ll be helping our studio and our clients on their path to greater things.

A former Division I athlete and All-American, she spent close to 10 years fencing competitively on the national level. After moving to Portland and reconnecting with a former coach, Meghan is determined to compete again- stronger, faster, and with an arsenal of new information from PTF’s amazing trainers.

Through community outreach and engagement, Meghan hopes to be able to get more people excited about their own health and fitness and bring them into the PTF family.

Stefanie Loebach

Stefanie has been fascinated with movement since she was a teenager, discovering its joys and benefits. She has dedicated herself to this journey and is excited to continue it with Portland Team Fitness. Originally from Illinois, she has been happily teaching for 6 years. Her education stems from the National Personal Training Institute and The Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. She is passionately committed to deepening her knowledge of health and plans to study Naturopathic Medicine. Her enthusiastic motivation inspires others to feel alive in their bodies. She shares how to cultivate awareness and build a strong foundation with nutrition and exercise. Her workouts are combined with diverse elements of movements that are dynamic and uplifting. Stefanie strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom, and humor to her training. She supports her clients through positive thinking, strengthening healthy habits, and patience. Her love of dance is what brought her to Portland and continues to study it in various creative forms such as belly dance, hoop dance, and fire spinning.

Meggan Berg

Meggan has a passion for health and fitness and inspiring others through fitness and movement. Meggan made a career change from a stressful corporate desk job to fitness as a way to inspire others to move in the workplace. She began her fitness journey in Minneapolis where she worked as a fitness specialist at a nonprofit hospital and General Mills. She then relocated to Portland and worked as a fitness trainer and fitness specialist at the Nike World Campus. She changed the dynamic of the workplace by bringing fun and easing the stress of the regular grind for employees. She holds over 14 years of experience in fitness including, functional training, total body training, endurance, mind/body, and strength building by adding variety, dedication, commitment, and fun to your regime. She continues her teaching at Twist Yoga in Lake Oswego and Clubsport.

During her fitness journey, Meggan discovered yoga as a vital part of her life. She has been a practitioner longer than she has been a fitness professional, continues her practice daily, and brings this movement to programming for her clients as a way to honor the body, nourish the nervous system, lengthen muscles, overcome obstacles, and add vitality to life.

Meggan is a firm believer that and form of exercise is a celebration of movement and a rewarding experience that can truly put a smile on your face. She believes that the sky is the limit and all experiences in life are good in moderation. She loves being a student just as much as being an instructor and trainer and continues to learn from her peers and mentors regularly. Meggan teaches yoga, Spinning, strength conditioning, dynamic movement, small group training, speciality training including pre-post natal and run coaching. She enjoys spending time with her husband, drinking wine with friends, and downtime on the couch with her two pups.

Credentials: AS Health and Exercise Science, NASM-CPT, ACE-GFI, RRCA-CRC, Johnny G Spinning, YogaFit,







Stop in! We are located at 3311 NE Mlk Jr. Blvd, just south of Fremont Ave.

We are on the ground floor of the building. There is a parking lot in front of the building that you can access by going North on MLK and turning left into the parking lot before you reach Fremont Ave.

We have indoor cycling bikes, an elliptical, rower, treadmill, free weights, barbells, balls, medicine balls, punching bags, and speed and agility training equipment. We have a large bathroom, but no shower. We provide large towels for during or after your workout. You can change at the studio in the restroom.