8 Healthy Powerfood Snacks

September 13, 2015

It happens all too often. You wake up, scarf down a measly little breakfast while you scurry out the door. Before you know it the clock has reached noon. You have been immersed in meetings, errands or e-mails and by now you are shaky, irritable, sluggish and FAMISHED. You can barely make your way to lunch, and the idea of something healthy has long vanished from your mind. You want quick, easy, immediate food, and before you know it, you have consumed two pieces of pizza.

Does the above scenario sound familiar to you? Are you plagued by going for long periods of time without feeding or hydrating yourself? If you are guilty of this, these 8 easy to prep, easy to store, and easy to make in advance healthy powerfood snacks are essential to helping you keep steady blood sugar throughout the day, consistent energy, a clear and focused mind, AND long term…if you are looking to lose weight, research has shown that eating consistently throughout the day can lead to long-term weight loss. Being steadily satiated prevents over-eating and less than ideal nutritional choices.

Whether you prep these snacks in bulk over your weekend OR you purchase the ingredients and have them on-hand in a mini-fridge at the office, they are great snacks because they blend a carbohydrate, with a healthy fat and a protein. Give these 8 great healthy snacks a try, along with some consistent hydration and you will definitely enjoy the benefits of a more energized YOU!

IMG_5821Veggies And Hummus: I am not sure what is the best part of this snack…BUT I will pick the powerful benefits of the garbonzo bean! The garbonzo bean is rich in fiber and in protein and because of this, it can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Paired with a variety of veggies high in many vitamins, this snack is really quick, easy, and delicious. My favorite hummus is by King Harvest, a hummus created right here in Portland!

IMG_5823Hummus and Cabbage: I know it is cheating to use hummus again, BUT I am going to, suggest the vessel of transport to be a cabbage wedge. If you crave something crunchy or salty for a snack, perhaps  in the form of a chip or a cracker, I have found that the cabbage wedge can be a close replacement. A fun fact about cabbage? Cabbage  is full of vitamin K and and anthocyanins that help with mental function and concentration. There are also MORE REASONS to eat cabbage, not only it’s beautiful color.

IMG_5833Almond Butter and Apple Slices: I LOVE combining the amazing flavors of a crisp apple and smooth, creamy almond butter. Apples are a nice fruit because they aren’t messy and they don’t get crushed or mushed easily. I consider peeling or easily mushed fruits a bit high maintenance, so this is a big “go-to” combo for me. This combo is also great because of the extra magnesium, iron and vitamin E content of the almond butter.

IMG_5828Apples and Almonds:  If you can’t find almond butter, OR need something even easier to keep on hand, almonds are a GREAT healthy snack to pair with a fruit or a vegetable. You can truly pair any nut with any type of fruit, but here are 15 other reasons to pick an apple! Curious about the benefits of almonds?


Celery and Almond Butter: I promise this will be the last snack idea with IMG_5836almonds/almond butter! However, I enjoy pairing almond butter with celery because of the hydrating aspect of celery as it can aid in the digestion of your body.  It is also a great transporter of the almond butter, because it is super crunchy and has it’s own unique woody and earthy taste. Celery is also very easy to prep, AND can dip right into your almond butter if you don’t have a spoon!

Sourdough toast, avocado, radishes: IMG_5851
While this might be the toughest snack to prepare “on-the go” or at the workplace,  IF you have a toaster oven, toasting your sourdough makes this a lovely little treat. Sourdough bread is often more easily digested than other breads, and the benefits of avocado are numerous! Slice up some radishes for a nutty, crunchy gourmet flavor and if you are feeling fancy sprinkle some finishing salts on top! YUM!

IMG_5844Cottage Cheese and Berries :These next few ideas certainly need to be kept cool, BUT you shouldn’t let that stop you in using cottage cheese! An organic cottage cheese like Organic Valley contains healthy bacteria that help your digestive tract, pair that with some delicious berries from New Seasons Market, and you have a fantastic snack! I use frozen berries to help keep the cottage cheese cool, and as the berries melt this snack starts to seem a little bit like a pie or a cheesecake!

IMG_5848Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Granola: One of my favorite ways to consume protein is in the form of a great greek yogurt.  I like fage, and I pick 2% so it still has some fat content in it. Fage has almost 20g of protein in it. As well as protein, greek yogurt has great probiotics. Pair it with frozen blue berries and some tasty PTF granola and you have one amazingly healthy snack.