Behind the Brand

April 15, 2014

You need it all!

Six years ago when Portland Team Fitness opened, it was one of the only places in Portland offering small group training: the concept that people could pay a fraction of what personal training costs, and still get the benefits of a personal trainer. Six years later, there are MANY places that offer bootcamps, group training, and supervised coaching while a group of people bust their asses….however, WHAT are they doing, HOW are they doing it, and WHY?

The TEAM Fitness re-branding process made me dig down deep and answer those questions and define “what we are about” in the fitness industry. In re-creating Portland TEAM Fitness I thought long and hard about what REALLY matters to the bodies of each of my clients. What, as “aging athletes” (for lack of a sexier term…BUT I include myself in that mix!) do we need to do and how should we train to continue to function at our best and truly enjoy our lives…We are no longer simply training to look good next weekend, we are training to LIVE OUR LIVES TO THE FULLEST over the next three to four decades! This process had me CONSTANTLY asking myself, “Am I creating the best possible approach to fitness for my clients?”

After many sleepless nights a light-bulb went off in my head and I realized YES! TEAM Fitness has always been a creative and well-rounded approach to fitness, it simply needed to be defined as such, and the 4Ps were created. TEAM Fitness is about Posture, Power, Performance and Play that leaves anyBODY ready for ANYTHING. TEAM Fitness is also about delivering truthful information to our clients. It is about sustaining our bodies, not pummeling them into the ground or depriving and starving them for a temporary result. Our bodies are a fluid process, and some weeks we will need more of one “P” than the other….TEAM Fitness is about listening and learning about our bodies, taking ownership, and accepting this ever changing process.

As an athlete from a very young age, I have pushed my body again and again AND again. I have hobbled through stress fractures on both lower legs, at the same time…I have spent a week in bed on pain medication because I hurt my back so badly as a collegiate diver…I have experienced the great highs of feeling your absolute best, and I have experienced the lows when you know you are a good distance away from where you want to be both physically and mentally. The TEAM Fitness approach to exercise is a combination of many different methods that I have learned over the years from many fantastic trainers and educators on the quest to make my OWN body feel, function and look the best that it can. I have been personally inspired by the energies and knowledge of Kelly Jones, Christina Riccetti, and John Lindala who have been fundamental in the creation of the “new” Team Fitness brand. A HUGE THANK YOU to them.

The 4Ps are a framework with so much room for even more learning that I can’t wait for the next six years! Thank you so much to everyone that is part of this experience. I am honored to be trusted with your bodies. I promise that TEAM Fitness will continue to strive to bring you the best approach to your bodies that we possibly can!

Thank you,

THE 4Ps Of TEAM Fitness

POSTURE: Posture exercises!!! Woo hoo! NOBODY wants to do these, but everyone needs them! They are the foundation of our body. Having a strong core, stable, yet mobile joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) and functional glutes are a necessity to being able to layer more complex training on top. I am PROOF that these things are needed and they WORK. Once I learned some tiny exercises to strengthen my core and keep my hips moving my back pain went away, AND once I began doing Trainer John Lindala’s Hip Neutral series, my chronic hip pain, AND Achilles tendon issues went away. Not to mention how much better my shoulders feel…You can’t just be strong on the extremities with a big bench press and bicep curl. You must break it down; go small, before you go big.

POWER: Strength training is a MUST for all bodies! It makes our bones strong. Muscle burns fat, so increasing lean muscles mass by strength training is the BEST way to see results! Women do NOT get bigger from lifting weights. People get bigger when they eat in a way that is not right for their body. There are a variety of ways to lift weights, but TEAM Fitness encourages people to use their own bodies, free weights, kettlebells, and barbells to learn how to be strong and stable in space, instead of stabilized by a machine.

PERFORMANCE: You don’t have to been an elite athlete to benefit from applying things like speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance training and other coordination enhancement drills into a health and fitness program. We drop things all the time…will we catch them? We trip off a curb…will we stumble or fall and break a wrist? You are late for a flight and need to dart through the airport suitcase in town…We are LIFELONG ATHLETES, and training like one is fun, effective, and kicks up our intensity a notch so that our bodies don’t get stuck or used to one pace. Putting a personalized touch on your plan by training for something you are specifically working towards is key to actually performing well in that activity, no matter what it is.

PLAY: At the end of the day, TEAM Fitness was created to be a place full of positivity; I wanted to make a place that brought a smile to the face of someone that may have had a bad day. We tend to be pretty hard and tough on ourselves, and our hearts and our heads can never get too much positive feedback. PLAY is a reminder to have FUN, leave your worries at the door, not to sweat the small stuff…Our bodies are serious machines, BUT they were built to love, laugh and enjoy this earth. We can’t take ourselves too seriously, so you just might find yourself swinging through the air on some rings, or swatting at a fitness friend with a foam roller while balancing on one leg.