Bodyweight Countdown Fitness Challenge

November 25, 2015

Needing a way to sweat when you are at home? I will never forget the first time I did a “countdown challenge” with Portland TEAM Fitness trainer, Kelly Jones. It was certainly a challenge, and a great way to format some fitness.

The countdown presented here is designed to get your heart rate up, with mainly cardio-vascular type movements. Remember that you can always take the jumps out of movements if you need to, OR add some jumps if you want more of a challenge.

HOW to do a Countdown: Begin with 10 reps of the exercises shown in the video below. Then complete 9 reps of all of them. Work your way all the way down to only one rep of each. If you see an exercise on one leg, be sure to do the assigned number of reps on EACH LEG! Have fun and happy sweating!