4 Reasons You Should Add Boxing to Your Fitness Routine

January 24, 2017

It is a new year and in the spirit “new”, we want to encourage you to try a new workout for your body. At Portland TEAM Fitness we are excited to offer a monthly Boxing Bootcamp with Trainer Christina Riccetti. Boxing is a FANTASTIC workout and we want to share with you why you should add boxing bootcamp into your monthly routine.

Boxing is incredible for your core, which is considered the region of your body from top of the thighs to below your rib cage. While a lot of people might think that punching is all from your arms, the true power of a punch begins in the core and lower body and transfers to your core. The legs, hips and glutes works together to create rotational power that eventually is executed and unleashed at the end of the punch. Take a look at the video of Christina boxing below. To really understand how much your lower body comes into play while boxing stand still and try a punch without any moving of your lower body, not very powerful, right? Now try a punch but add the power of your lower body….if you are punching with your right arm, twist back away and then twist forward using your lower body to start the motion and end with the power of your upper body. This should feel REALLY different! Boxing Bootcamp will break down the punch into smaller movements and prime the regions of the body that generate the power using Hip Neutral and other glut and core activation exercises. Boxing and the drills that accompany it will ensure that your hips, gluts and abs are working hard!

The next REALLY exciting thing about boxing, is that your body is constantly working in the transverse plane of motion, which means you are rotating or twisting. All too often the exercises we do are in the sagittal plane of movement (only moving front and back) and our body can forget that it has the ability to rotate. Boxing is great for increasing range of motion in your joints through rotation and the warm-up and drills you will do will focus on making sure your body is mobile and ready to rotate. If you hunch forward over a desk all day long, get ready to stand up tall, keep your shoulders back and develop a strong and functional thoracic spine!

In the article “Learning a New Skill Works Best to Keep Your Brain Sharp” published on NPR.org  the article explains the following:
“So how does learning a new skill help ward off dementia? By strengthening the connections between parts of your brain, says cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman. While brain games improve a limited aspect of short-term memory, Kaufman says, challenging activities strengthen entire networks in the brain.”

Boxing has a variety of different punches and also a variety of techniques that go into executing those punches. If your brain often feels on auto-pilot and not quite as sharp as it used to be, learning boxing, learning a combo, remembering the combo and then executing the combo will be so good for you! Boxing is complicated and challenging to learn, but the benefits to your brain will be worth it!

While your brain will be benefiting from learning new patterns and new movements, your body will also benefit from changing up the intensity and way it has been working in a fitness setting. It is easy to get used to a certain class, routine, or the movements that we do in our typical workouts. A boxing bootcamp workout will utilize some similar movements, but add intervals of high intensity boxing drills to challenge your body and shock it with a new intensity. Trying a new workout approach is great for avoiding platueas, and reducing your chance of injury from over-training in one type of fitness modality.

Whether you are in Portland OR or you are in a different town, boxing is a great way to workout. We hope the above reasons inspire you to try boxing bootcamp, or simply try something new that challenges your body and your brain. Have fun and happy sweating!

BOXING BOOTCAMP is COMING UP! Thursday Jan. 26th 6:45pm-7:45pm $25