Bringing Sexy Back!

April 24, 2014

Summer is creeping closer and closer and soon the tanks and t-shirts will be out! A killer set of shoulders and a strong back a never a bad to any summer outfit. Even more importantly is the roll that great posture, strong back muscles, and functional shoulders play in being able to run a longer distance, reach up and catch an object, swim faster, or simply play a little harder. Here are 3 exercises to be completed to help build great posture and strength in the back and shoulders.

band-rowBand Row Loop an exercise band around a tree and move back so that there is tension on the band. Drop your shoulders down, engage your abs, and then pull the band towards you as you pinch your shoulder blades. Pause when you feel you have pulled as far as your range of motion allows. Slowly release and repeat.

Partner Tug Of War Purchase some rope or use an old towel. Face your partner in an athletic stance. One person slowly pulls the rope towards them as the other person resists (but not TOO much) complete :30 seconds on each side.

Wall Sit With Arm Glides

Assume a wall sit position: back awall-sit-with-arm-glidesgainst wall, thighs parallel to ground and knees over ankles. Reach arms overhead and then glide them back down keeping back of hands against the wall. Repeat 20 times.