Become a Rower Rockstar

April 18, 2016

Hey Gang! Casey here, and we’re gonna run through some baseline knowledge for using the rower.  Then, we’ll examine some common pitfalls as well as the major key points for tightening up your rowing technique.  ROWER SETUP: 1.) Loosen your foot straps all the way by pushing the buckle toward the outside of the rower. […]

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3 More Tips to Help YOU Do a Pull Up

April 8, 2016

We are three months into 2016, and we hope our first three tips have provided a good foundation in beginning to build strength for your first pull up ever! Here are three more tips to help YOU do a pull up this year! 1. Continue To Practice Scapular Retraction: Our first post showed Trainer Christina […]

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YOUR FIT-ERVENTION! 4 Tips to Make Resolutions Long Term Realities

March 3, 2016

This post is your FIT-ERVENTION. Did you set some resolutions 8 weeks ago that are now nowhere in sight? If your answer is yes, DO NOT DESPAIR! You are not alone!  We are human, and this happens, BUT if you want to make some lasting changes, SLOW DOWN ROGHT NOW, and check out the following […]

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Bodyweight Countdown Fitness Challenge

November 25, 2015

Needing a way to sweat when you are at home? I will never forget the first time I did a “countdown challenge” with Portland TEAM Fitness trainer, Kelly Jones. It was certainly a challenge, and a great way to format some fitness. The countdown presented here is designed to get your heart rate up, with […]

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VIDEOS for Core Strength and Mobility

October 11, 2015

The following videos correspond with our previous post of core strengthening and mobility exercises.  A reminder that if you have chronic pain in your body you should consult a doctor before trying these exercises to make sure none of these movements could make things worse. Be safe and happy sweating! Low Ab Activator Dynamic Hip […]

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Fabulous February

January 22, 2015

February is the American Heart Month. We are celebrating with a little extra love from Portland TEAM Fitness in the form of outdoor workouts, free clinics, new bootcamps and a yoga wine tasting evening ! Here is what we have going on at Portland TEAM Fitness this February. For greater detail on each individual program please […]

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