Time for 20: Heart Health Anytime Anyplace

September 6, 2016

Heart Health is important to me as I lost my dad to a heart attack over 20 years ago when we was only 52 and I was 17. I feel honored to be an advocate for Heart Health and want to share and promote The 2020 Impact goal of the American Heart and Stroke Association¬†which […]

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8 Healthy Powerfood Snacks

September 13, 2015

It happens all too often. You wake up, scarf down a measly little breakfast while you scurry out the door. Before you know it the clock has reached noon. You have been immersed in meetings, errands or e-mails and by now you are shaky, irritable, sluggish and FAMISHED. You can barely make your way to […]

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Workplace Wellness Challenge: 5 ways to be well at work

August 31, 2015

Sometimes people get overwhelmed with how to begin a fitness program. I am here to remind you that while the BIG PICTURE is important, there are quite a few small changes that you can make in your work week that will lead to larger gains and greater overall changes in your bodies wellness. I challenge […]

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Workplace Wellness: Stretch it out at your desk

August 20, 2015

Whether it is a long business trip in the car, your body parked on an airplane for hours, or a meeting lasting ALL DAY, our poor bodies stay seated, hunched and cramped up for way too long on any given work day. The side effects of our working positions are often low back pain from […]

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