Heart to Heart Challenge Day #23

February 23, 2015

In this challenge you will use your long sleeved shirt, jump rope, or rope type item. You and your partner will stand with your feet a little bit wider than hip width apart, and with an athletic stance. Keep your shoulders back, abs engaged, and hold the rope with both hands in an overhand grip. One person starts to twist towards the right, and the other person resists, BUT eventually does allow their partner to complete the range of motion. The resister then slowly twists the other way, and the other partner resists. Complete this for 30 seconds on one side, then face the other way so that you get even work on each side. After you have done this you both will complete a half way up burpee, which means you simply go down to your stomach, lift hands, and then push yourself up to a low squat. Hold for a split second and repeat.