Heart to Heart Challenge Day #26

February 25, 2015

In this challenge you will use the resistance of your partner to work your core and upper body with a “partner push.” Mark a distance by placing two long sleeves length wise on the ground. Make sure there is about 5-6 ft between each end of them. Make sure your partner is ready, with arms up with a soft bend. Brace yourself in your entire body and then start trying to walk forward as your partner tries to keep you from going anywhere. Their goal is to allow you to be successful, BUT to make it pretty darn hard for you! After you guys have each been the pusher and pushee you will face your long sleeve and use it as a marker to do skier jumps over, OR run front front, back back. Either is fine! Go the length of your shirt and back a few times and then begin the partner push again. Complete this for 4 minutes.

Suggested 4 Minute Song: Teenage Dream By Katy Perry 3:50