Heart to Heart Challenge Day #28

February 27, 2015

In the partner gun show, one person holds their arms at 90 degrees, and makes fists. The other person will place their fists on top of partner number one and try and get them to straighten their arms. Both people must keep an upright body position and posture and keep their abdominal muscles engaged. Count to 10 and change positions. After each persons gets to give the “gun show” both people will complete a transverse jumping jack. To do this, start facing forwards but when you open your legs to do the jumping jack, turn 45 degrees behind you. Come back to center and turn the other way for the next jumping jack. Complete 10 and go back to the partner gun show. Do this for 4 minutes. ENJOY!

Suggested 4 Minute Song: Born This Way, Lady Gaga (4:20)