Portland TEAM Fitness 30 Day Healthy Heart Challenge

January 29, 2016

2016-H2H-challenge-draftIt has been one year since Portland TEAM Fitness launched our first Heart 2 Heart 28 Day Challenge to bring awareness to Heart Health and to raise money for the American Heart Association. We are pleased to announce we are BACK with a new 30 Day Healthy Heart Challenge!

While we still have some items that should bring a small sweat to your brow, the challenge this year involves creating lifelong healthy habits that will help your heart be healthy and strong. Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your heart health, but we want to emphasize that there are many other things you can do to better your mind, body and heart. For example, watching a funny movie and laughing is good for you! Spending quality time with a friend on a casual walk is also a great habit to start for your health. Lastly, planning time to be still, breath and relax is also really great for your mind and your body, and your long-term heart health. If you want to go through our workout challenges from last year, you can find Challenge day #1 here!

You can complete the challenge in no particular order, but we encourage you to read through the activities, print out our nifty graphic and then complete all of them over the next month. Stay tuned for corresponding videos for the workouts and yoga movements!

If you would like to make a donation to Portland TEAM Fitness’s Heart Walk Page you can do so here. THANK YOU!

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2016 H2H challenge draft copy2016-H2H-challenge-draft