Portland TEAM Fitness Body Weight Workout

September 28, 2015

Body weight workouts are very effective, because it is YOU against…YOU. Oddly they never quite seem easier, because as you get stronger, you can either increase your pace, OR add one more rep to whatever exercise you are doing. The beauty of this, is that you ALWAYS have a way to challenge yourself, because YOU are one of your best training modalities! Here is a body weight routine (pictured with a friend, because it is MUCH more fun to sweat with a buddy) that should take less than 20 minutes!

The Workout: There are 6 exercises Pictured below. Complete one minute of the first exercise, complete :45 seconds of the second exercise, and then complete :30 seconds of exercises 3, 4, 5, and 6. These 4 exercises should be performed to your best ability, such as as fast as possible with great form, or as many reps as possible with great form. Rest for an entire minute before starting the 6 exercises again. Complete 3 rounds of this before starting the next 6 images/exercises. HAPPY SWEATING!


The First Round Of Exercises:

Back to Back Partner Wall Sit: IMG_6086You can certainly do this with only a wall, BUT it is much more fun and more challenging too, to try this with a friend. Stand back to back and lean against each other as you slowly walk your feet out into a wall sit position. Make sure knees are over ankles, feet are parallel and knees are not collapsing in. Communicate with your partner if you need more or less pressure from them! Hold for one minute.
Push Up To High Five: IMG_6084If you don’t have a partner you can always reach for a wall, OR tap your on shoulder, BUT once again, a fitness friend makes things more fun. Do a push up on hands and toes, or hands and knees and then give your buddy a high 5! Complete this for :45 seconds.
Squat Jumps: IMG_6041Reach for the ground in a squat position, then jump up and reach to the sky. Omit the jump if needed or preferred on your body. Complete :30 seconds.

Ice skaters: IMG_6016Leap side to side landing on one leg and sinking back into the glutes and hips. Stay upright, or reach to the ground, but be sure to keep your spine long. Complete :30 seconds.

Low Lunge to Skip: IMG_6087Take a big step back into a runner’s lunge, with front knee lining up over front ankle. From here, use your front glute and hamstring to help you stand and skip into the air. Feel free to go to a single leg stance instead of a skip if needed. Complete :30 seconds on one side, and then complete :30 on the other side.


Take a look at the video of these 6 exercises:

Before going to the next 6 exercises, complete 3 whole rounds of the 1:00, :45, :30×4

The Second Round of Exercises

Partner Tug of War: IMG_6035Face your partner with two hand towels, or short ropes. Allow your partner to pull towards them as you resist, and go back and forth with this motion. Be sure to engage your core, stand tall and use your back muscles as well as your arms. Complete for 1:00 minute.
Plank High Five: IMG_6039Much like the push up, BUT…no push up! Hold a hands and toes or forearms and toes plank while giving your partner a high five. Keep your hips as still as possible to feel this a TON in your core! Do this for :45 seconds.
Switch Lunge Jumps: IMG_6049Assume a lunge position with front knee directly over the front ankle. Jump into the air and land with the other leg in front. Continue doing this for :30 seconds

Broad Jumps: IMG_6042Assume a squat position and then jump up and forward from your start position. Land softly and smoothly with weight into the heels and glutes despite the forward movement. Engage the abs on the jump so that the low back is stabilized. Keep knees tracking with the toes on the beginning and end of the entire motion. Complete :30 seconds of this.
Low Shuffles: IMG_6046Place something to mark the distance you will shuffle. Get low into your legs and shuffle to one marker, squat down to touch it, and then shuffle to the other marker, getting low into the legs to touch it. Complete :30 seconds of this.



Mt. Climbers: IMG_6048Assume a plank hold on toes and hands. Begin running your knees up towards your chest like you are quickly running up stairs. Keep shoulders over your wrists and hips and glutes parallel to the ground. Complete :30 seconds of this.



Complete 3 rounds of 1:00, :45, :30, :30, :30, :30 before completing some cool-down mobility exercises.