Portland TEAM Fitness Bodyweight Workout 40-30-20-10

September 21, 2015

Portland TEAM Fitness wants to ensure that no matter where you go, you can get your sweat on. Here is a workout format that you can do on your own or with a friend the next time you are away on a vacation, a business trip with a rinky dink hotel gym, or traveling to the relatives this coming holiday season. Portland TEAM Fitness has you covered with this super fun and highly effective body-weight workout.

THE WORKOUT: Picture below are six group of exercise pairs. You will complete 40 seconds of the first exercise, 10 seconds of rest, and then complete 40 seconds of the second exercise. Rest for another 10 seconds and then do 30 seconds of the first exercise, 10 seconds of rest, and then 30 seconds of the second exercise. Keep the rest intervals at 10 seconds, and lower the work intervals to 20 seconds and then 10 seconds. The shorter the interval the harder you should work, BUT keeping incredible form!


Pair #1 Plank and Squat Jumps 
IMG_6067Plank: Place your forearms on the ground with your shoulders stacked over them. Rotate your thumbs up to the sky. Engage the abs and squeeze all muscles in the body. Pull the elbows towards the toes to engage the lats and hold your head in a neutral position. Squat Jumps: In lieu of squat jumps you can always do a wall sit or a regular squat. Place feet at a comfortable distance, drop weight into the heels as you keep chest lifted and “sit down” into a squat. Stand or jump back up and land softly and lightly. Be sure knees stay in line with the toes and keep knees in back of the tips of the toes.

Pair #2 Push Ups and SkatersIMG_6068
Push Ups: Place your hands a bit wider than shoulder distance and in line with the line created by your shoulders. Engage the lats as you lower your body towards the ground, maintaining a strong plank position throughout the entire body. Keep the abs engaged and the head in line with the spine. Press yourself up to beginning position. Skaters:  In a lateral (side to side) position leap or step widely from one leg to the other. You can stay upright, OR you can land and then touch the ground with your opposite hand. Be sure to sink weight into your glutes and hips when you land and keep the spine lengthened whether you are upright on reaching towards the ground.

Pair #3 Tuck Ups and Triceps Burpee IMG_6070
Tuck Ups: Begin on your back drawing the abs in towards your spine. Hold your body in a hollowed out position with shoulder blades off the ground and feet of the ground. If this position bothers your low back, please keep legs noticeably higher, and complete slow leg lowers instead. From the starting position bring yourself up into a tucked position. Pause here with great posture, and then slowly lower back to the starting position. Triceps Push Up Burpee: This is a burpee but with a narrow arm position to work your triceps. Don’t forget to engage lats to help stabilize the shoulder as you lower down and up in your push up!

Pair #4 Mountain Climbers and Side Lunge Jumping JacksIMG_6072
Mountain Climbers: Assume a hands a toes plank position, making sure that shoulders are stacked over the wrists and hips don’t sag or create a mountain-like position. From this position quickly drive knees in an alternating fashion (like running in place really, REALLY fast)Stabilize your momentum with your core and upper body. Side Lunge to Jumping Jack: Take a large step to one side. Keeping your feet parallel, hips back and knee in back of the tip of the toe sink your weight back into your heels as if you are doing a one legged squat. From here drive through the heel and use the adductors to help bring legs back together to starting position. Once in starting position do a jumping jack and then lunge to the other side. To make this harder try a tuck jump instead. ** If you have tight adductors or hamstrings this one can be a real zinger. Warm-up and go slowly**

Pair #5 Superman Arm Glides and Crab Walks IMG_6073
Superman Arm Glides: Lay facedown on the ground or a towel. Keep your feet planted faced down. Lift your upper body and stretch your arms overhead lifting them off the ground. Image you are pulling something towards you as you pull your arms wide. Maintain a neutral head position (don’t look up it will strain the back of your neck) while you complete this exercise which is GREAT for your posture. Crab Walks: Sit on the ground with your fingers facing the back of your heels. Lift your hips off the ground by engaging the glutes and opening through the chest and shoulders. Remain in this position if it is a huge stretch on the shoulders, OR crab walk forward and then back wards. FUN TIMES!

Pair #6 Towel Tug of War & Towel ShuffleIMG_6075
Towel Tug of War: Using two towels face your partner. The tug of war allows each of you to “win” by being able to engage your back muscles as you pull the towels towards you and then kindly resist against your partner as they pull back. The point is to allow for full range of motion, not a “stale mate.”
Towel Shuffles: Place the towels on the ground about 10 feet away from each other. Assume a low, athletic stance and quickly shuffle from one towel to the other. When you get to the towel drop into a squat to touch the towel.

In case a video is more your style, here is a video of this workout. Enjoy!