Fit Trip Vacation Nov 5th-12th 2016

We can’t stop hosting Fit Trip Vacations! This year will be our 6th trip, and we plan on making it the best one yet, with a multitude of fitness and yoga offerings throughout the day, and ways that you can go at your own pace all week long. It is time to do something AMAZING for yourself and bring your focus back to your own personal foundation of what keeps and makes you well and healthy. A Fit Trip is the perfect way to do this!

Come experience the vacation of a lifetime being active and fit while relaxing and unwinding on the gorgeous Baja Penninsula at Prana Del Mar Resort and Spa. Our trip includes a morning bootcamp workout and an evening yoga session. During the day you can pamper yourself with spa treatments or go on a surfing adventure! You will live in luxury in beautiful rooms looking out on the ocean, and enjoy three exquisite vegetarian meals each day. The spa is located an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. This is truly a week you will not forget! Single Occupancy: $2500 Double Occupancy: $2000  BOOK IMMEDIATELY and save $100 off your price until June 1st. We strongly suggest travelers insurance as we are not able to refund payments. Come experience the trip of a lifetime: A Fit Trip! You KNOW you want to….and you KNOW you deserve it!

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Curious about our incredible location? Check out Prana Del Mar resort and spa.