Video Running Gait Analysis

Whether you are a seasoned runner or someone just beginning a running program, a video assessment of your running gait is a great tool. Gait analysis can tell you where you are strong, and where you are weak. It can let you know if you need more flexibility at one area of your body, OR if you are hypermobile someone and need to strengthen.

In our Gait Analysis program Portland TEAM Fitness Trainer, Bob Nelson, uses video analysis to examine your bodies running form and then explain the nuances of your technique against proper running form. He will also assess your body in a static position (NOT running or moving)

Once Bob has all this information, he designs a running improvement program specific to YOUR BODY and what he has discovered from the assessment. You then meet again, and he will review the analysis and show you your new exercise program. Both sessions are one hour long, and the total investment for this is $125.

Gait Analysis is a great way to get started on the right foot (ha ha ha) OR to fine tune your form for greater efficiency while running, and thus faster times!

Please contact  to book your assessment or give him a call at 503.502.6708.

Let’s get running!