Erin Livengood

Accomplishments 6.5 years at PTF, countless half marathons, and a full marathon
Get Inspired! "Since my first experience at PTF, I have completed a marathon, countless half marathons and 15k and 10k races. I’ve never been physically stronger. And importantly, my 8-year old daughter, Nina sees me as an athlete and participant."

How long have you been exercising at Portland Team Fitness?
6.5 years!

What made you get started?
I was training for what was then my first-ever half marathon.

Do you remember your first class? Can you share that story and what it was like?
I did personal training with Alayne for about 2 years before trying a group class.  In a class, I had more say so in how I did a particular exercise (vs. personal training), because I could experiment with different weights, modify exercises if needed – there is an element of creativity to the group classes.

Why did you come back?
Group energy and respect!  The group classes are upbeat, encouraging and not at all “clique-y”.  Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Why do you keep coming back to PTF?
Alayne’s enthusiasm for fitness is contagious.  The classes vary each week, so I’m never bored doing the same thing over and over.

When did it “click” for you? When did fitness become habit you couldn’t live without?
It took almost a year before it sank in that fitness wasn’t a “project” with an end date but rather part of a lifestyle routine. My body is used to exercising now.  If I have an occasional week where my routine is off, I miss it.

What are your biggest achievements? Weight Loss? Inches lost? Races completed? Big competitions? Increase in speed, agility or athletic performance? Personal best achievements? Please be as specific as possible.
Since my first experience at PTF, I have completed a marathon, countless half marathons and 15k and 10k races.  I’ve never been physically stronger.  And importantly, my 8-year old daughter, Nina sees me as an athlete and participant.

How do you feel different since you have been working out at Portland Team Fitness?
Stronger physically and mentally!  I can’t believe I waited so long to start.

What are the positive benefits of coming to Portland Team Fitness?
The size is a key component for me.  Personal attention, intense results-focused classes, the dynamic workouts are different each week.

What is your favorite exercise?
Bicep matrix & dead lifts!

Which is your favorite exercise that you actually don’t like?
Wood chops.  And I really, truly cannot stand pull-ups.

What would you tell someone that is just beginning on their fitness journey? WHY should they chose PTF?
I get that starting is difficult. Two years ago I had a surgery that set me back 6 months and it was tough to get back in shape.  It’s so easy to have negative self talk; remind yourself what you are doing that’s right:  taking charge of your health, increasing your energy, better sleep, better mental outlook.   And my husband’s saying:  “no one ever regrets a workout”.  I have never spent 60 minutes at PTF and at the end of it, wished I had used my time differently.

What has been one of the most influential steps or changes you have made in your overall lifestyle that has helped you meet your goals?
Make a fitness date with a friend!  Fellow PTF-er Whitney and I check in the night before to make sure we are both going to the Tuesday and Thursday classes.  And I have another friend who I run with every Saturday morning.   Having someone rely on me to show up is significant.

What is something that you have done recently that you NEVER thought you could have done?
I ran a full marathon!   I’m still waiting to be able to climb that rope at PTF.

What is something you are training for or looking forward to in the near future?
Every March I do the Shamrock Run 15k with my running friend.  She and I were just on our run this morning also mapping out our half marathon schedule for the spring and summer.

THANK YOU! Any last words? If you could pick one piece of exercise equipment AND only one song to sweat to on a deserted island, what would they be and WHY?
I’d take the kettle bell for its diversity in upper & lower body work outs.   Good Feeling by Flo-Rida always gives me a boost.