Nicole Bragg-Scott

How long have you been exercising at Portland Team Fitness?
I believe I started in August of 2015, so about 8 months.

What made you get started?
I’d been attempting to lose weight for years and I happened to see a special on Facebook for PTF and thought it was a good deal. I was on vacation and thought it was the perfect time to try to get back into working out.

Do you remember your first class? Can you share that story and what it was like?
I think it was BOOM and honestly after the warm up I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the workout. I really didn’t know what to expect so I just wanted to make it to the end. I have some knee problems and when I told Alayne about it she gave me modifications so that I could keep going. I remember being so proud of myself for making it through the class.

Why did you come back?
I came back because even though the class was very challenging I felt good at the end and I wanted to see what the other classes were like. I also, wanted to get the most I could out of the special I was using.

Why do you keep coming back to PTF?
With the special, I came something like 13 times in 20 days and had a chance to try most of the classes and several different trainers. I found myself really enjoying my early morning workouts and the different styles of the trainers. Also my 40th birthday was coming soon and I wanted to make some serious changes before it got here.

When did it “click” for you? When did fitness become habit you couldn’t live without?It took about a month for me know that I was fully back to putting workouts into my routine.

What are your biggest achievements? Weight Loss? Inches lost? Races completed? Big competitions? Increase in speed, agility or athletic performance? Personal best achievements? Please be as specific as possible.
I have lost 30 pounds since starting. I still have a ways to go but that has definitely kept me motivated. While the weight loss in and of itself is great, the difference it has made in my knee pain is tremendous. Because my knee feels better it makes it easier to stick with my workouts. Also, seeing myself improve in Rhi’s Diesel class was huge. I thought I was going to die the first time I took that class but somehow made it through. I had never used a kettle bell, ropes or flipped a tire in my life and found myself doing something new and challenging every week. I felt like a bad ass when I finished each time and found myself looking forward to each class.

How do you feel different since you have been working out at Portland Team Fitness?
I feel stronger, have more energy and less pain. I feel good about taking care of myself. As a wife, mother and teacher most of my time is about helping others and it’s easy to forget to take care of myself. I prioritize my workouts and it makes me better at doing everything else.

What are the positive benefits of coming to Portland Team Fitness?
Of course there are health benefits but one of the great things is how the trainers help you work out (hard) while accommodating whatever injury/ailment you may have so you can get a good work out without further injuring yourself. Because it is a more intimate facility, they are also able to quickly assess your form and give quick corrections. This is a totally different experience from going to a big chain gym. The trainers know everyone’s name and get to know you pretty quickly. What I really wasn’t expecting was how welcoming all the members are. They are as encouraging as the staff. The fact that most people there have been members for a while illustrates why there is a community feel to PTF. The members that I work out with are huge motivators for me.

What is your favorite exercise?

Which is your favorite exercise that you actually don’t like?
Push ups

What would you tell someone that is just beginning on their fitness journey? WHY should they chose PTF?
I would say you have to start somewhere so why not PTF? No matter where you are in your fitness journey, each work out can be tailored to your level. You will not get lost in the crowd and you will see that the staff is invested in your success. It’s not just about collecting membership dues, they truly want to see you succeed.  I remember having some knee issues in a couple of classes and getting an email from the trainers of the classes checking on me later in the day. That’s when I knew for sure this place is special.

What has been one of the most influential steps or changes you have made in your overall lifestyle that has helped you meet your goals?
The consistency that I have developed in working out has made me more consistent in my eating choices/habits.

What is something that you have done recently that you NEVER thought you could have done?
Box jumps and 40 burpees.

What is something you are training for or looking forward to in the near future?
I have some more weight to lose, I want to finish everything in a Diesel class and I want to be able to jog/walk a 5K by August/September.

THANK YOU! Any last words? If you could pick one piece of exercise equipment AND only one song to sweat to on a deserted island, what would they be and WHY?
While all the trainers are great I have to say that Alayne, Rhi and Kelly are amazing! It’s great to work out and have fun (even if you have to hear Justin Bieber sometimes).
On a deserted island I’d want a TRX because you can work out pretty much everything on it and I’d be listening to Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX because that song gives me energy every time I hear it. I always play it on my way to work out.