Become a Rower Rockstar

April 18, 2016

Hey Gang! Casey here, and we’re gonna run through some baseline knowledge for using the rower.  Then, we’ll examine some common pitfalls as well as the major key points for tightening up your rowing technique.  ROWER SETUP: 1.) Loosen your foot straps all the way by pushing the buckle toward the outside of the rower. […]

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Bringing Sexy Back!

April 24, 2014

Summer is creeping closer and closer and soon the tanks and t-shirts will be out! A killer set of shoulders and a strong back a never a bad to any summer outfit. Even more importantly is the roll that great posture, strong back muscles, and functional shoulders play in being able to run a longer […]

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Walk Jog Run Sprint!

April 8, 2014

Burn TONS of calories with intervals in the sweet outdoors We are well into spring and this week in Portland we are seeing temperatures close to 70 degrees. We encourage you and a friend to get on out there and try the following interval format. Intervals are a great way to push past a training […]

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Trainer John’s Hill/Burpee Challenge

March 20, 2014

Want a challenge that combines intervals and endurance targeting both anaerobic and aerobic training? Welcome to the hill/burpee workout. This workout will hit both energy systems in your body at a varying interval pace to maximize your training benefits, and is a great way to get more fit at endurance sports without piling on the […]

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