John Lindala, MS, CSCS

CPT, PES, Author Hip Neutral

John Lindala, MS, CSCS

John is a bio-mechanic specialist and author of the e-book Hip Nuetral.  He holds a Master of Sciences in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention and has dedicated his career to further understanding how the body is designed to work then applying it to everyday exercise. He is a former Division II track and field athlete still holding his college’s record in the hammer throw. In addition to challenging himself routinely he will push you to achieve beyond your preconceived limitations.

John works with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people eager to live a pain free life during daily movements. John’s attention to detail and dedication to helping his clients feel their best and also perform their best is unmatched.

Further Certifications: ADAPT Certified, Performance Enhancement Specialist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Pre/Post Natal Integrated Flexibility Technologist

John is available for consulting, and group low back wellness conferences.

Check out his e-book Hip Neutral here.