Time for 20: Heart Health Anytime Anyplace

September 6, 2016

Heart Health is important to me as I lost my dad to a heart attack over 20 years ago when we was only 52 and I was 17. I feel honored to be an advocate for Heart Health and want to share and promote The 2020 Impact goal of the American Heart and Stroke Association which is the following:

“By 2020, to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20 percent.”

In the spirit of this impact goal, Portland TEAM Fitness has created “Time for 20: Heart Health Anytime Anyplace.” We believe that a commitment to moving just a little bit more every day and in a variety of ways, can make a big impact on ones health, AND can help the American Heart and Stroke Association reach their impact goal.

If you are already healthy and enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle, it is up to YOU to motivate someone in your life to join you on this Impact Goal. Our health has a direct impact on those around us, so we urge you to share these videos, and to challenge someone to do them with you.

We want to remind everyone that movement doesn’t have to be a boring hour at a gym, a grueling long run, or a complicated workout video. Movement and heart health can be completed at work, at home, outside at a park in small, simple intervals of time. Movement can be stretching, it can be marching or dancing in place. Movement can be a walk with a friend. MOVEMENT can be FUN and it should be so that you stick with it!

We hope that the videos below are used to get people moving! If you are beginning your fitness journey try and do one round of any of the videos below, and then work up to the 20 minutes of movement per day.  The videos are 10 examples of 5 series of movements that can be completed 4 times to create 20 minutes of movement, or can be combined with other videos to total 20 minutes of movement. Have fun and make Time for 20! Your heart, body and mind will thank you! You can access small snippets of these videos on our Instagram Page @timefor20.