Top 5 Reasons Kettlebells are for YOU!

August 21, 2015

Hi folks, Trainer Rhi here!! You may or may not know that the kettlebell has been a training tool I have used personally for quite sometime now, and this past year I took my learning and training to the next level by completing the StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course. It was awesome and intense all in one. I wanted to share WHY kettlebells are truly for everyone, so lets just get right down to business. I love kettlebells. I fully believe in the power of the kettlebell and what it can do for nearly every type of body and mind. Whether you’re a pro-athlete, weekend warrior or a grandmother wanting to play with her grandchildren, kettlebells are for you. I understand that you might be a bit skeptical, wary or even a bit intimidated by this piece of equipment, so I want to share with you 5 Reasons Why Kettlebells ARE for You!

  1. Kettlebells are a Total Body WorkoutYES, with just one piece of equipment can get you a full body workout from head to toe! I firmly believe that just the kettlebells can replace a whole gym full of other types of equipment. Gluts, abs and lats are constantly firing during any and every kettlebell technique. The constant balance between tension and relaxation recruits the quads and hamstrings at different times for maximal power output. Whether your sport is track or marathon, soccer or weightlifting, the kettlebell will help your body better prepare for what’s to come.
  2. Kettlebells Encourage True Functional Movements– the Gluts are the biggest muscle group in the body and yet so many of us don’t know how to fire them, like at all! Crazy, right?! Kettlebells help you to figure out how to turn on your gluts and use a proper hip-hinge pattern to encourage more effective and efficient movement patterns in and out of the gym. The 8 basic movements of life (walking, squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, pressing, twisting) are all enhanced when the gluts are turned on the hips move properly. Learning and working with the kettlebell correctly will ensure you are using your glutes.
  3. Kettlebells Improve Core Strength– A strong core is key to a healthy body, and key to improving any case of back pain. One of the leading “excuses” for not using the kettlebell is because of back pain or fear of hurting oneself. This is a serious concern of any kettlebell instructor for a new student and one that is not taken lightly. For every body type, there is a modification that suits you to help you reach your end goal. For every movement there are the foundations. Kettlebells are an easy way to go back to the basics of every movement and to understand how the body should move with the core engaged so as to promote good form, good posture, and no pain. Back pain is usually from a weak core, which promotes poor posture, which can then lead to any number of other things. Kettlebells require the core to be engaged and the spine to be braced, leading to a stronger, pain-free, more powerful you. Also, for anyone wanting those 6-pak abs and are getting frustrated because all those crunches you’re doing aren’t showing you the results you want, look no further. Kettlebell swings and turkish get ups can get you those abs and strong core without doing a single crunch or sit up!
  4. Kettlebells Improve Shoulder Strength and Stability – While many people think that the kettlebell can be dangerous for the shoulder, or that if you have bad shoulders you should steer clear of the kettlebell, I have found the opposite to be true. I have a history of loose shoulders, leading to multiple dislocations on both sides, two surgeries on one shoulder and a the possibility of shoulder surgery on the other. Granted, playing rugby didn’t help the health of my shoulders, but kettlebells sure did. Because of kettlebells, I was able to keep playing rugby for 5 years after my first shoulder surgery. Shoulder packing (which means keeping your shoulder blade down and back like you’re trying to put it in your back pocket) is a HUGE concept of kettlebells; and one that is transferable to anything and everything you do outside your practice of kettlebells: when you’re driving, when you’re putting away groceries, when your reaching for the door… anything. The Get Up is a technique that gives you real-time feedback to know when you are keeping your shoulder packed and how to do so in nearly every range of motion.
  5. Kettlebells are FUN– I don’t know any other way to say it than that they are fun and challenging. There is ALWAYS a way to keep things interesting with kettlebells. You constantly improve and progress in ways that you can’t with other modalities of training. With any type of exercise, there is always a cheat, but there are far fewer cheats with kettlebells. Kettlebells make you think and actually get your brain working with your body in a more streamlined manner so ensure that your body is moving effectively, efficiently, correctly and safely. A session with kettlebells can be short and sweet or they can be grueling, it’s your choice; but either way or anywhere in between, the options are endless.

So there you have it! Kettlebells in a nut shell! Join me Saturday September 19th from 11am-1pm at Portland Team Fitness for just $25 to learn the nuances of the swing and the get up and how to incorporate them into your fitness regimen to make your workouts FUN again!!!

Swing on! Trainer Rhi