Trainer John’s Hill/Burpee Challenge

March 20, 2014

Want a challenge that combines intervals and endurance targeting both anaerobic and aerobic training? Welcome to the hill/burpee workout. This workout will hit both energy systems in your body at a varying interval pace to maximize your training benefits, and is a great way to get more fit at endurance sports without piling on the miles. The aerobic energy system of your body operates for long duration exercises in the presence of oxygen. The anaerobic system operates in short high intensity bursts but cannot use oxygen as a fuel instead it uses internally stored glycogen. The goal within the workout is to maximize your capabilities in each system.

Equipment needed: Yourself, a timer, 1 hill (the longer/steeper the better), and some solid motivation.
The workout: For time complete the following trying to minimize stopping…

10 hills up and down followed immediately by one burpee. Then 9 hills and 2 burpees, 8 hills and 3 burpees, and so on until you get to 1 hill and 10 burpees. A grand total of 55 hills and 55 burpees!