Walk Jog Run Sprint!

April 8, 2014

Burn TONS of calories with intervals in the sweet outdoors

We are well into spring and this week in Portland we are seeing temperatures close to 70 degrees. We encourage you and a friend to get on out there and try the following interval format. Intervals are a great way to push past a training plateau as well as shock the system to avoid a plateau in the first place.

Here is how to do it!

Decide if you will be using time or distance covered for your measuring device. I like to use the distance of one block. Begin walking or jogging to warm your body up. Then for the next 20 minutes do the following: Walk one block, jog one block, run one block (faster than a jog) and SPRINT two blocks!!! You can do this inside as well on a treadmill, spin bike, step mill or rower. I used this format to get ready for Spring League Ultimate Frisbee! A game where you need to go fast, recover, go fast again…for quite some time! Have fun! Do this with a friend and add some friendly competition to the mix!