Why YOU Should Do a Fitness Challenge

April 7, 2015

As a Personal Trainer, it is pretty obvious that I am an advocate of fitness being a part of one’s life, but I tend to roll my eyes when I see “New Year’s Weight Loss Challenges” or “Summer Melt Down Bootcamps.” Is summer the only time we want to be active and fit? Is New Years the only time we want to eat healthfully? It seems to me that these seasonal “programs” encourage people to make drastic workout changes/goals and abruptly start/stop some sort of nutrition plan and long term don’t often lead to lasting changes, but rather burn people out.  HOWEVER, slowly but surely I have seen programs that are a more real approach to long term fitness and this excites me. I KNOW there are huge benefits often overlooked by these extreme challenges, that I want to share with you! Because of these extreme challenges, it is extra important to me to explain how the Portland TEAM Fitness Sizzle By Summer Challenge is different, and the positive things the RIGHT kind of fitness challenge can do for you!

Insight: Depending on the challenge you are participating in, you will most likely set some goals, and be looking to make some sort of physical, nutritional, or lifestyle change. AND…you are setting these goals, because you really, REALLY want to make them a reality…right?  Enter INSIGHT. Setting a goal is easy…meeting the goal, and making it a long term new habit is much more challenging, and it often comes with a great deal of self reflection, discovery and learning. What is at the root of our late night snacking? Why do we watch t.v. until our brain “turns off?” When did we become addicted to texting, Facebook and technology??? When and how will we replace these less than ideal habits with new healthier ones? The answer is to slow down and take some time to listen to what is going on behind the scenes of our brains, and take a look deep in our hearts. There might be some items that need attention, and EEK… it could get messy, but when else are you going to explore these things? You either want to make some changes….or….perhaps you do not. Both are ok, but I believe making a 10 week commitment to exploring your lifestyle habits is an AMAZING part of a Fitness Challenge.  What you learn from this portion alone might be even more valuable than a number on a scale. Be brave and take an honest look at yourself.  This information will prove to be valuable in all avenues of your life. Maybe  even more valuable than burpees!

Accountability: I am a Personal Trainer, but I am also human. I have paid for and will pay for fitness coaching, training and classes to keep me motivated, inspired, healthy and engaged with this process of an active lifestyle. When I first opened Portland TEAM Fitness I gave up all my actual fitness classes where I moved WITH the class in front of them, OR was on a spin bike with the class. I went from 5 guaranteed workouts per week to NONE!  As I sat in the PTF studio sending e-mails, I would tell myself, “In 5 minutes I will get up and workout…ok, in the NEXT 5 minutes I will get up and workout.” Long story short, there was a month where I was the Personal Trainer who didn’t workout! This was when I hired my first personal trainer…and regardless of how much work I had to do, I was paying money to someone and it jump started me back into my own personal fitness. Investing in a Fitness Program or a Fitness Challenge is a fairly short term financial commitment that you CAN DO and should do because it will get you moving.

Extra Focus: Perhaps you have been working out at a big box gym, or a studio and you enjoy the classes, you do your routine, and you are consistent 2-3 times per week. This is AWESOME. Nice work!  BUT perhaps you have set a new goal to run a 5k, rehab a nagging injury, hike a mountain, join a sports team, complete a longer than usual bike ride, or go on your first back packing trip this summer. No matter what it is, enrolling in a Fitness Challenge with a specific start and stop date will give you the extra focus to add just one or two more workouts with a keen eye on training towards those goals. Your Personal Trainer can personalize the small group workouts for you, and the extra motivation of a group setting will help you push through the challenges of taking fitness to the next level, OR the challenges of rehabbing an injury. No matter what the goal, an extra focus on YOURSELF is always very nice and VERY beneficial.

Nutritional Fine Tuning with a Coach: The Portland TEAM Fitness Training TEAM is extremely excited to launch the TEAM Fitness Nutrition Truths. It is a booklet that we created as a team of trainers to educate our community about the realities of eating healthfully for the rest of your life. There are so many fad diets out there, and so much conflicting information. It is even frustrating for trainers at times to see the nutritional light!!!  What we want to convey to YOU, is that nutrition is a very individualized concept. What works for your friend, may not work for you. A fitness challenge is a great time to explore nutrition and how your body feels.  Instead of setting a weight loss goal, set a “detective goal” and really learn what makes you feel energized, and what makes you feel sluggish through tools like food journaling. Discovering what makes you feel bloated, or what things fill you up without that over-full feeling. During a fitness challenge our training team will be there every step of the way to answer questions about nutrition and help you discover the best overall plan for you. With a variety of recipes, quick and easy snacks we want to help you be the healthiest you can be and have the 10 weeks of the fitness challenge launch you into long term lifestyle goals.

Are you IN?! For someone who really doesn’t like the concept of Fitness Challenges, I sure make a pretty good case for getting involved with a program that will chart your progress and help you in the ways that I have listed above. The Portland TEAM Fitness Sizzle By Summer Challenge can’t wait to engage new members with current Fitness Friends for a challenge filled with community, self-discovery, accountability, and nutritional individual achievement. We guarantee you will be sizzling long after the summer has passed!